I am Tracey, 37 years young, mum of four, former Early Years Educator and current University student.

I have been blogging for over three years but with a lifestyle blog I often found that there was so much I could blog about that more often than not I just didn’t bother blogging about anything at all!

I decided to have a rethink and focus on what it is I am passionate about. As a mum of four I could write about mummy things but my kids are teenagers and are adverse to me ranting about them online. As a photography degree student I would say I do like to take a picture or two and have learnt so much in my first year alone so I want to share some of that with you.

Having experimented with different types of photography I would say I am most happiest outdoors, in natural light, exploring and capturing the wonders of the world. I would love to travel everywhere but commitments of life and lack of funds mean I don’t get to travel very often! But I do live in London and with so much to see and do here I expect I will have a lot to blog about!

As a London resident it is easy to go forget just how much is going on. Every borough is like a little city in its own right. Through Oh Pretty City I aim to explore and seek out what is on show, on offer and what there is to do in the pretty city of London.

If you would like to contact me about my blog or photography please do so at ohprettycity@gmail.com